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we test, certify, and calibrate critical equipment and controlled environments to make sure your facility is compliant with regulation and safety standards

Employee Ownership

Empowering employees and creating a culture of ownership.

Why Employee Ownership

At SSA, we believe deeply in employee-ownership. We are proudly 100% founder and employee owned (no outside investors). Through our employee ownership model, every single employee becomes an owner of SSA and all of its companies. This people-first approach enables us to create a work place where employee-owners feel valued, inspired, and work towards a common goal.

our core values

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Team Work

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Benefits of Ownership

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Wealth Creation

Employee ownership enables all employees to benefit from SSA’s growth. They become owners of all companies in SSA.

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Shared ownership creates an organization with a larger purpose, creating a different work mindset. Our owners go the extra mile.

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Ownership gives employee-owners a greater sense of responsibility and pride in their work.

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Ownership creates better culture by fostering communication, collaboration, and trust.

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Work Ethic

Working hard to deliver on our promises

How It Works

An owner sells their company to SSA
The company becomes
a part of SSA
SSA issues a stock certificate to the new employee-owners
The value grows over
time with SSA
Employee-owners receive distributions

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