Scientific Safety Alliance (SSA) Is Officially Employee-Owned

October 20, 2023

Scientific Safety Alliance (SSA) Is Officially Employee-Owned

Scientific Safety Alliance (SSA), a 100% founder and employee-owned scientific safety service provider, is excited to officially announce the launch of its Broad-Based Employee Ownership Program. Through this program, every employee at SSA, from technician to recruiter, is now an employee-owner of SSA and all its companies.

On Friday, at its first company town hall, SSA officially issued stock certificates to all SSA employees. All employee-owners will now receive a part of the company’s distributions and value.

"This is a huge step forward for our organization. It creates a culture of ownership, accountability, and collaboration across SSA’s companies. Most importantly, it reflects our shared commitment to the long-term success and well-being of our team. Every team member now has a direct stake in the company’s future, as we continue towards our goal of being the best employee-owned technical service provider" – Juan Ruiz, SSA CEO and Co-Owner.

SSA will continue expanding its presence in the Midwest and other regions through partnerships with leading service providers. With each new acquisition, employees will become owners of SSA and all the companies in the alliance.

‍About SSA

SSA is a 100% founder and employee-owned scientific safety provider to medical device, pharmaceutical, clinical, and academic research facilities across the United States. SSA provides a better alternative for owners than selling to private equity or private-equity-backed companies by offering a people-first approach. Owners create the ideal terms of their partnership, and SSA empowers their employees through equity ownership, better pay and benefits, and regional promotion opportunities.

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