Scientific Safety Alliance (SSA) Announces Acquisition of Gerbig Cleanrooms’ Certification Division

September 19, 2023

Scientific Safety Alliance (SSA) Announces Acquisition of Gerbig Cleanrooms’ Certification Division

Scientific Safety Alliance (SSA), a founder and employee-owned scientific safety service provider, is excited to announce its acquisition of Gerbig Cleanrooms’ Certification Division (“Gerbig Certification”) from Gerbig Cleanrooms (“Gerbig”) through CSI Testing.

The two certification companies will merge, creating the largest independent certification provider in the Upper Midwest, and serve both customers under the CSI Testing name. Gerbig and CSI will continue to work collaboratively, becoming mutual sole-source providers to each other in the Upper Midwest. Gerbig will become CSI’s preferred modular cleanroom provider, whereas CSI will become Gerbig’s preferred cleanroom testing and certification provider.

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Gerbig Cleanrooms has been a leading cleanroom manufacturer since 1985. Gerbig has also become a top-tier cleanroom testing and certification company, providing cleanroom testing and certification services to some of the largest medical device and life-science companies in the Upper Midwest.

"Selling Gerbig Certification to SSA was the right decision. We aimed to secure a partner that preserves Gerbig's legacy and top-quality service while enabling us to concentrate on our core cleanroom construction operations. This partnership ensures a promising future for our employees, aligning perfectly with our commitment to their well-being and career growth" – Tony Lema, Gerbig Cleanrooms CEO.

"SSA and CSI were the best fit for our certification team. I wanted a partner who would invest in our employees for the next phase of growth and ensure that our customers continue to receive high-quality service. I am confident that the SSA team will take good care of our employees”– Kim Robertson, Gerbig Cleanrooms CFO.

"We are thrilled to welcome Gerbig Certification’s employees to the SSA and CSI family. They will become SSA equity owners as part of our broad-based ownership plan and receive transaction bonuses. With this partnership, CSI becomes the largest independent certification company in the Upper Midwest, onboarding some of the region's most important medical device and health care customers, and a talented team that will increase our capabilities.”  – Esteban Ruiz, Co-Owner and COO of SSA.

SSA will continue expanding its presence in the Midwest through partnerships with leading service providers.

About SSA

SSA is a founder and employee-owned scientific safety provider to medical device, pharmaceutical, clinical, and academic research facilities across the United States. SSA provides a better alternative for owners than selling to private equity or private-equity-backed companies by offering a people-first approach. Owners create the ideal terms of their partnership, and SSA empowers their employees through equity ownership, better pay and benefits, and regional promotion opportunities.

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