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An Employee-Owned Buyer

Preserve your legacy and make your employees owners

A Better Alternative

We know being an owner is hard work. You spend decades building your business, and your employees rely on you. Then, investors in suits and competitors walk in thinking they can just “buy you out,” without regard for your employees, culture, customers, and legacy. After going through these issues many times ourselves, we founded the Scientific Safety Alliance to solve this problem.

SSA provides a better alternative for owners than selling to private equity or private-equity-backed companies. We’re proudly 100% founder and employee owned (no outside investors), and offer a people-first approach. Owners create the ideal terms of their partnership, and SSA empowers their employees through equity ownership, partnership bonuses, better benefits, and regional promotion opportunities.

Our Companies

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"I chose SSA because I wanted the best future for my employees. They received equity ownership, partnership bonuses, and are now part of a bigger organization with growth opportunities."

Nancy Trautman
Former Owner – CSI

"This partnership ensures a promising future for our employees, aligning perfectly with our commitment to their well-being and career growth."

Tony Lema
Owner -Gerbig Cleanrooms

"SSA and CSI were the best fit for our certification team. I am confident that the SSA team will take good care of our employees."

Kim Robertson
Owner -Gerbig Cleanrooms

"I’m excited to partner with SSA. Our team now has the resources of a large organization, and our employees will become equity owners of SSA and its companies"

Tony Lee
Owner -ATA Founder

Our People-First Approach

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Empower your employees

We believe in employee ownership. We give a portion of our equity to your employees.

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Preserve your legacy

We keep 100% of your brand, valued employees, and customers.

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Choose your transaction

 Looking for a change? We’ll buy 100%.
Want a partner? Sell 70-90%

What Makes Us Different?

Investor-owned companies

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Private Equity Owned
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Buying you out
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Founders typically let go
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No employee ownership
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Change brand, culture, and employees

Private Equity

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Report to Investors
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Locked up equity
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Founder committed to 3-5 years
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No employee ownership
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Change culture and management
A green check mark stock icon.
Founder and Employee Owned
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Full or partial cash out (with equity)
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Choose your role
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Employee ownership
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Retain brand, employees, and culture

What we look for

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A laboratory worker in a white hazmat suit testing the samples.
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Clear commitment to quality demonstrated by repeat customers

Team and Culture

Happy, tenured employees dedicated to the future


Independent and proud business builders


$250k+ of annual profit

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